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Applications For Firefighting Vehicles and Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

As regulations require that PFAS containing AFFF products are replaced by fluorine-free foams, rinsing and flushing out the systems, tanks, and proportioning piping is essential.  Evidence shows that simply flushing the systems with water is not effective at removing residual PFAS compounds from the surfaces.  Recontamination of the replacement flourine-free foams with PFAS is inevitable.

PerfluorAd®  is an efficient and cost-effective solution to both flushing the system and treating the rinse water.  This technology is suitable for:

  • Mobile Fire Engines, Boats & Airport Rescue & Firefighting Tenders (ARFF)

  • Industrial Fire Suppression systems / Fixed Foam Extinguishing Installations

Just 3 to 5 flushes with PerfluorAd® from a typical starting concentration of 40,000 μg/l PFAS leaves a residual concentration in flush water of less than 1.5 μg/l, a 99.9% removal.  Subsequent recontamination is then entirely prevented.

Contrary to other emerging treatment technologies, waste-water from the flushing process is then also treated using our PerfluorAd® process which significantly reduces residual waste requiring incineration/destruction by thousands or even tens of thousands of litresThe treated water can then be repeatedly re-used for further PerlfuorAd® flushes, discharged or readily disposed. 

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Cornelsen, and more recently our North American PerfluorAd® AFFF Decontamination Licensees TRS Inc, have treated in excess of 100 fire appliances for the military and civil & aviation fire brigades as well as multiple industrial fixed foam fire suppression systems.

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