Applications For Firefighting Vehicles and Systems, and Foam Extinguishing Locations

As PFAS containing AFFF products are replaced by fluorine-free foams, rinsing and flushing out the systems, tanks, and proportioning piping is essential.  However, residual PFAS compounds in the system leads to on-going and long-term recontamination of foams.

PerfluorAd®  is an efficient and cost-effective solution to both flushing the system and treating the rinse water.  This technology is suitable for:

  • Mobile Fire Engines, Boats & Airport Rescue & Firefighting Tenders (ARFF)

  • Fixed Foam Extinguishing Installations

Just 3 to 5 flushes with PerfluorAd® from a typical starting concentration of 40,000 μg/l PFAS leaves a residual concentration in flush water of less than 1.5 μg/l, a 99.9% removal.  Subsequent bleeding  or recontamination is then entirely prevented.

Waste-water from the flushing process is then treated using our PerfluorAd® treatment process leaving only a few grammes of waste for incineration.  The water can then be re-used repeatedly. 

Cornelsen has treated of the order of 100 fire appliances for the German Army and civil & aviation fire brigades.

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