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Cornelsen Group is a world leading service provider of products, systems, and technologies for the remediation, PFAS, and water treatment / filtration sectors.  Our mission is to provide such exceptional service that our clients will never need to consider alternative sources of supply.  We maintain headquarters in both Germany and the United Kingdom.

A Long History of Successful Remediation Solutions

Established in 2000 & 2003 respectively Cornelsen Umwelttechlogie GmbH and Cornelsen Ltd. have grown and matured with an interdisciplinary team of qualified engineers and technicians. We continually invest in improving our technologies, our quality and our safety systems while employing and supporting the most experienced and highly trained professionals.  We have a long track record of successfully remediating contaminated soil and groundwater including PFAS.

Our Guiding Principals

  • Excellent communication

  • Superior customer service

  • Long term relationships with our clients

  • Highly qualified and experienced staff

  • Honesty & integrity  

  • Safety of our staff, the safety of others, and the safety of our plants

A Reputation to Maintain & Foster 

  • Process safety

  • Well-engineered & efficient system designs

  • Optimised system operational performance

  • Maximised uptime

  • Reduced project risk

  • Operational savings

  • Better project outcomes

  • Client satisfaction

Our Founders

Martin Cornelsen
Martin Cornelsen

Founder and Managing Director of Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH, Essen, Germany and co-founder of Cornelsen Ltd in Bristol, UK, Martin has extensive expertise in the water, wastewater, and pollution control technology systems. Martin has developed and deployed multiple technologies for the advancement of water systems and holds multiple patents.


More recently, Martin’s efforts have been concentrated on the research, development and implementation of techniques for the removal of PFAS.  Martin is the inventor of our patented PFAS treatment technology PerfluorAd®.

Managing Director

Geschäftsführer, Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH

Quentin Hulm
Quentin Hulm

Co-founder and Managing Director of Cornelsen Ltd, with extensive experience in in-situ remediation technologies developed over more than 35 years' in the field of remediation, Quentin began to specialise at an early stage in conceptual remediation system design and implementation/project management of process-based remediation. After 10 years in environmental consulting, including several formative years in the United States, Quentin followed his heart to focus on the process engineering side of remediation.

Managing Director

Management Team

Matthew Ingram
Matthew Ingram

Matt has overall responsibility for our engineering design, operations and quality standards, sales and business development as well leading our team of Project Engineers.  His experience includes the design and construction of process and manufacturing machinery and systems, as well as engineering project & departmental management. 


Matt has managed projects in a variety of economic and political climates, from the UK, Europe and Africa, forming trading relationships and outsourcing agreements around the world.

General Manager

Andy Hann
Andy Hann

Operations Manager

Andy had direct responsibilty for overseeing all Cornelsen site activities including construction, implementation and operation of our remediation and treatment systems on a wide range of technologies including steam injection, ISTD and ERH projects. Andy is also the company Health and Safety Manager.

Andy has 30 years’ experience in process control systems from design and build to operation and optimisation.  Over the last 12 years within Cornelsen, his skill set has expanded to projects and operations management leading a team of mechanical and electrical engineering technicians.

What Our Clients Say

"The Cornelsen team provides an excellent service in all aspects of process remediation. The Engineering of the system is well considered and thorough in the compliance with the site design and, of course, appropriate standards.  Challenges encountered during installation and operation are confidently tackled with pragmatic solutions proffered to maintain project uptime."

Simon Gomm, UK Process Remediation Lead, AECOM, UK


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, whether it be the partnerships we develop with our clients or the commercial alliances we have formed, the objective is to capitalise on our respective strengths and core competencies and thus grow and sustain true value chain partnerships.

PFAS AFFF Treatment and Contaminated Waters Partners
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