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PFAS Water Treatment & AFFF Rinsing 

PFAS Soil Treatment

PFAS Soil Treatment 


PFAS Water Treatment Publications

Minimising the Environmental Impact of PFAS

using specialised coagulants for PFAS polluted waters & decontamination of firefighting equipment

Martin Cornelsen, Roland Weber, Stefan Panglisch

Ke Ai: Emerging Contaminants 7 (2021)

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PFAS Removal from Groundwater using Surface Active Foam Fractionation

David J Burns, Paul Stevenson, Peter J.C. Murphy

Remediation. 2021; 31:19-33


Environmental Assessment of Various End-of-Life Pathways For Treating PFAS in Spent Fire Extinguishing Waters

Daniel Maga, Venkat Aryan, Stefano Bruzzano

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry—Volume 00, Number 00—pp. 1–11, 2020

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PFAS Soils Treatment Publications

Field-Scale Demonstration of PFAS Leachability Following In-Situ Soil Stabilisation

Jeffrey T. McDonough, Richard H. Anderson, Johnsie R. Lang, David Liles, Kasey Matteson, Theresa Olechiw

ACS Omega  2022, 7, 1, 419-429

White Papers
PFAS Soil White Papers
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